Thursday, June 14, 2012

I try

 I will try to answer a few questions before I show you for real what is going on these days.

First the kick plate section I added to the sink cabinet , well I don't have a real how to but I thought a close up may be useful to help see what I did . I really just cut out a decorative foot out of MDF and attached it to the underside of the base cabinet . Here are a couple of crude drawings of how I did it , it worked.

 I have had a few readers ask how I was doing my baseboard trim. They spied I had more than just one or two pieces of molding, that is right. When we installed the wood we left gaps for expansion, some gaps were big, so I just doubled up the trim with a shoe mould and a quarter round, you can easily see it here.
 Here is our little garage , its been great , there is a lot of room for storage and my workshop items. I look forward to being able to get all of our ourdoor items out of the garage to really organize it . The garage doors were finally painted by the builder last week , well by a very nice painter from Pennsylvania actually , I knew he wasn't Canadian when I saw his Cowboy bumper stickers, lol. He was a great painter in fact. I did not at all like the preselected colour that came with our exterior package , it was an army green , how does army green go with grey siding and navy shutters. So I quickly went out and decided white was the best choice , fresh and clean.
We just need to get two new lanters for over the garage doors.
 We are still living with this dreadful mess , all of this is going to be removed and new sod will be laid , when that is we don't know , but hopefully very soon , this is part of the house purchase so it is no extra cost to us, just a big water bill to come I'm sure. Most evenings we have usually a couple of bunnies that quite enjoy our dreadful yard , they don't seem to mind all the dirt and weeds , they clearly love it . They are cute. We put out apples .
 All the exterior trim around the doors and the headers above the windows as well as the posts were painted crisp white also. Looks so fresh and clean now. I wonder what it will look like with grass. I do believe they started the construction on our house around a year ago .
 My hubby and kids got me these two coach lights for mother's day , I love them , but I wonder if they are too small , should we have gone with the bigger ones? any thoughts , should I move these to over the garage doors and get the larger version for here? 
Oh my seeing these pictures together make me think I might be right , bigger for the entry , what do you think?
 I really need to buckle down and get this upstairs hall sanded , and stained and those spindles need finishing , can you hear my feet dragging?
 After searching and searching I found this sweet petite simple black fan , it is a Monte Carlo fan. It packs quite a punch for such a small fan , I did not want a big beast of a fan so this is perfect.
 I haven't been able to move ahead in the master bath at all , well I did make and hang some cute curtains. I really need to paint . I don't want to start anything until the marble tub deck is installed. I plan to add trim details to the apron of the tub. Which reminds me I need to send someone an email.
 How annoying is this ...the suction caddy keeps on falling off the tile, I clean , I use rubbing alcohol and still it keeps falling , what am I to do ? Maybe I will have to silicone a ceramic shelf in there because this is ridiculous.
 I also need to sand and smooth the awful edges of all this MDF and paint it all again , but I love the simplicity of these panels.
 I have been working on this closet a little bit adding a hook for the step stool and tweaking a little bit , like adding another shelf above the pop cans, yes we call them pop's here...I also added a basket to the bottom cubby and I figured adding swivel wheels would make it so useful and easy to access. I also added a wheel trolley bit for the dog food , much easier to wheel it then drag it out.

 Ah organization happiness. I am thinking of painting the inside of the closet with a punchy colour, maybe orange.
Here is my wheely basket. I attached the wheels to a piece of hardboard with 4 small screws , one of the screws I added was about an inch long so that it would poke into the basket keeping it in place , it worked perfectly , sometimes I have have a good idea.

That's what's going on around these parts. Next week is grade 8 grad time , high school is right around the corner , it all happens so soon.


Karen of Little Red House Designs said...

OMG - I can make a suggestion for you! Command strips makes a waterproof shower basket that REALLY stays on the wall in the shower. Check out Amazon - I got mine there ;) No longer do I have the CRASH in the middle of the night.

Luci said...

I love the basket on wheels! Just found your blog and can't wait to check it out!
Oh, I think those lights can go either way but I'd switch them out for bigger ones if you could.

Michelle said...

It just amazes me what you do. I am enjoying seeing all the updates of your new home. Yes, I think I would go bigger on the lights. You definitely have the room. We have been busy this last week. We updated our little porch. We took the old railing down, wrapped the ugly rough sawn cedar posts in a better grade, added simple metal spindles and stained it. Most of it is done. Will finish the rest of the staining after we get back from vacation. It has been pouring here all day, so no staining anyway. Oh, and we call it pop too, not soda. :)

Keep On S'myelin! said...

Coming along nicely! I agre, bigger lights in the front would look better. We use the ledge in the shower to put all our shampoo, etc. and a shower caddy I got from Solutions that sits in the shower floor.

Angela said...

Chris again everything looks awesome. The yellow door just looks soooo good. I picked up the paint chip and it just does not seem the same. Do you think it might look a lot different because it is tremclad? Did you use tremclad? Also try cooking oil for your caddy and once it's on the wall don't put anything in it until the next day. That's what I use and it works great. I had another question but can't remember it. Until later.

Wendy said...

Everything looks great! You are doing an amazing job!

I love the lights, but I think bigger would look better for your entry.

modern jane said...

Everything looks amazing! I'm curious where you got the white curtains in the bedroom? They look so light and breezy!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Love all these little details Chris. Your thoughtfulness really shines through and makes your home unique and beautiful.

Great idea with the wheelie basket. I love how organized that closet is!

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

Chris - everything looks so amazing! I would definitely get the larger lanterns. Your space can handle it. The others will work over the garage doors. Keep it up!!!

A Diary of Decor and Fashion said...
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A Diary of Decor and Fashion said...

Hi Chris,

I LOVE how your house is coming along, you are an amazing handywoman. I think I would prefer the larger outdoor light fixtures.

Have a great weekend!


How2home said...

Your house is coming in really nicely chris! Great updates :) I see that the stair case is done which is really good and I definitely agree with you with the outside lights, move the ones that your family got you for mothers day to garage and buy bigger ones for the front porch, looks great now but it'll look even better later on! Are you going to look for it online or home depot?

Just Beachy said...

I got them , they are from Lowes , good call everyone

unknown said...

Hi Chris, Everything is BEAUTIFUL n AWESOME! Go big for the lights and thank you for sharing and answering the questions :-).

Dotti said...

You are so smart and have accomplished a trememdous amount. Don't beat yourself up on what you haven't done yet! Definitely go with the larger lights at the front doors, and put those on the garage. Good luck!

Kim said...

so love your new house! go bigger on the entry for sure though!!

homeon129acres said...

Love the organization you've added to the closet. Great idea to make a wheely basket!