Wednesday, June 20, 2012

fresh coat for the closet

Here is the before of my laundry room pantry/closet. It is outfitted with built ins I made out of MDF 12"x 8' shelving, edged with primed select pine. Lots of shelves to keep things stored and organized. When we bought this house I was very excited to have this space , I looked very forward to having a dedicated spot for my vacuum and brooms and such. I also looked very forward to getting the dog food , bowls and gear out of my kitchen. It has turned out to be a great asset and I just love it. I even have space for drinks and extra food items which I never really had ever before.
It needed to be primed and caulked , which I was putting off because who really wants to do all that .
I was thinking of painting it all a punchy color , but I was easily swayed to keep it fresh and white, or off white I guess with our Birch White.
After taping off and filling holes and sanding then dusting I tackled the priming followed by caulking. 
 Gave it all a couple of coats of semi-gloss Birch white general paint.
 I re-attached all the gadgets.

 Doesn't it look fresh and crisp , I love a good built in.
Now I wait to be able to put all the contents back where it all belongs , and maybe I will make some doors for this closet , or maybe it will just get a curtain, that might just work better. Heck maybe I'll keep it open , its my laundry room.
OMG I just realized since I added wheels to the dog food container I have room for another shelf... that I can make from scraps....

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