Monday, June 18, 2012

Survey says...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a great Father's Day. They were calling for rain so we stayed close to home, we should have done what we wanted which was going to the big theme park near by because it didn't rain , of course. But we did go to Costco and picked up a boat load of ribs. After a road bump we ended up eventually with some really delicious ribs. I made this beautiful dessert that I knew my husband liked very much. It is now my favourite dessert ever.
Its puff pastry rolled out with one large layer on the bottom with a second layer to be the frame poke centre with fork , bake 12 minutes at 400 degrees , push down centre to flatten, then let cool, with a creamy centre made out of 1/4 c lemon juice , 2 tbsp lemon zest , one can of eagle brand condensed sweetened milk, 1-1/2 cups cool whip , topped with berries , easy peasy.

 Saturday I tackled the exterior lighting. I moved the smaller ones over to the garage and installed the big lanterns at the front door. You were all right and as I thought the bigger the better.
 Gorgeous right. I might be going to go get a new door handle today , as the one I love most is being cleared out.
 I finally found a nice big rug , it took months before I was able to find it , Homesense of course. I love these ferns , so easy and simple. The little fireplace we pull out for roasting marshmallows we picked up at Walmart last year , it uses gel fuel or a little propane cannister , I love that little fireplace.
These lanterns look so much nicer , perfect size. 
Grad is a few days away , what an exciting time. I'm going to try to tackle as many house projects as I can this week. Busy week as usual. 

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