Thursday, June 28, 2012

New additions

Since we have now just enjoyed Mason's grade 8 graduation followed by Sophie's 11th birthday and then Mason's 14th birthday I think its time to show you a few things that have happened in the meantime.
I have decided it's time to focus on the master bathroom. We are expecting the arrival of the carrera marble for the tub deck on Friday, cross our fingers it actually comes , deadlines seem to come and go when it comes to my marble. Smile! I cut down some masonite and attached it to the tub apron tile that I think is dreadful on a vertical surface . I used no more nails and I will attach beadboard to the center and I will paint it all birch white. 
 I finally sanded and stained the upstairs hall, today I will top coat.
I baked Sophie some red velvet cupcakes for her birthday yesterday , these are Betty Crocker and come with frosting. I found this pkg cake mix at Wal Mart. So very moist. Like my wooden cake stand , purty.

 Back to the master bath then, I moved this cupboard into the bath because I was finishing the upper hall , but then figured it works well here especially since we will be hanging a tv right above there , it will work perfectly for the little cable box. It was blue yesterday but I painted it the wall colour to keep things calm.
 Last I told you I was planning on painting my side tables, but I finally found these new lamps and they seem to make the tables work. So no painting the tables then.
 As soon as I saw these lamps I knew I needed them , the pretty blue and lucite touches, perfection and they were on clearance.
Here is a photo of the lamps I had that weren't the right scale. Cute but too small.

 I am not a big fan of the antique brass door hardware that come standard, it had a lock pad which is convenient but not so pretty. I have had my eye on this lock set from Rona for about 6 months. It has so much style and character. They are closing the Rona near us and are clearing out lots of great stuff including this lock set so I grabbed it before it was gone forever. Let's just say it was a good deal.
 It was fun installing it with its Ikea style directions. I was left with some holes to deal with but it luckily fit right into the exsisting holes, phew to that . I used bondo to fix and fill the holes since our door is metal , it works quite well.

So the door is all done , the lights are up , now bring on the grass , PLEASE, I am told July 3rd .....yippy for progress.

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