Thursday, June 14, 2012

I try

 I will try to answer a few questions before I show you for real what is going on these days.

First the kick plate section I added to the sink cabinet , well I don't have a real how to but I thought a close up may be useful to help see what I did . I really just cut out a decorative foot out of MDF and attached it to the underside of the base cabinet . Here are a couple of crude drawings of how I did it , it worked.

 I have had a few readers ask how I was doing my baseboard trim. They spied I had more than just one or two pieces of molding, that is right. When we installed the wood we left gaps for expansion, some gaps were big, so I just doubled up the trim with a shoe mould and a quarter round, you can easily see it here.
 Here is our little garage , its been great , there is a lot of room for storage and my workshop items. I look forward to being able to get all of our ourdoor items out of the garage to really organize it . The garage doors were finally painted by the builder last week , well by a very nice painter from Pennsylvania actually , I knew he wasn't Canadian when I saw his Cowboy bumper stickers, lol. He was a great painter in fact. I did not at all like the preselected colour that came with our exterior package , it was an army green , how does army green go with grey siding and navy shutters. So I quickly went out and decided white was the best choice , fresh and clean.
We just need to get two new lanters for over the garage doors.
 We are still living with this dreadful mess , all of this is going to be removed and new sod will be laid , when that is we don't know , but hopefully very soon , this is part of the house purchase so it is no extra cost to us, just a big water bill to come I'm sure. Most evenings we have usually a couple of bunnies that quite enjoy our dreadful yard , they don't seem to mind all the dirt and weeds , they clearly love it . They are cute. We put out apples .
 All the exterior trim around the doors and the headers above the windows as well as the posts were painted crisp white also. Looks so fresh and clean now. I wonder what it will look like with grass. I do believe they started the construction on our house around a year ago .
 My hubby and kids got me these two coach lights for mother's day , I love them , but I wonder if they are too small , should we have gone with the bigger ones? any thoughts , should I move these to over the garage doors and get the larger version for here? 
Oh my seeing these pictures together make me think I might be right , bigger for the entry , what do you think?
 I really need to buckle down and get this upstairs hall sanded , and stained and those spindles need finishing , can you hear my feet dragging?
 After searching and searching I found this sweet petite simple black fan , it is a Monte Carlo fan. It packs quite a punch for such a small fan , I did not want a big beast of a fan so this is perfect.
 I haven't been able to move ahead in the master bath at all , well I did make and hang some cute curtains. I really need to paint . I don't want to start anything until the marble tub deck is installed. I plan to add trim details to the apron of the tub. Which reminds me I need to send someone an email.
 How annoying is this ...the suction caddy keeps on falling off the tile, I clean , I use rubbing alcohol and still it keeps falling , what am I to do ? Maybe I will have to silicone a ceramic shelf in there because this is ridiculous.
 I also need to sand and smooth the awful edges of all this MDF and paint it all again , but I love the simplicity of these panels.
 I have been working on this closet a little bit adding a hook for the step stool and tweaking a little bit , like adding another shelf above the pop cans, yes we call them pop's here...I also added a basket to the bottom cubby and I figured adding swivel wheels would make it so useful and easy to access. I also added a wheel trolley bit for the dog food , much easier to wheel it then drag it out.

 Ah organization happiness. I am thinking of painting the inside of the closet with a punchy colour, maybe orange.
Here is my wheely basket. I attached the wheels to a piece of hardboard with 4 small screws , one of the screws I added was about an inch long so that it would poke into the basket keeping it in place , it worked perfectly , sometimes I have have a good idea.

That's what's going on around these parts. Next week is grade 8 grad time , high school is right around the corner , it all happens so soon.

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