Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have a great day

 Aren't these peonies gorgeous , my brother's wife is always kind enough to share with me some of her beautiful blooms, so so sweet.
 I have been so slowly working on the little details. I wasn't sure how to address the kickplate area in the kitchen. Leave it plain and paint it ? or dress it up , I chose a little of both. I added this little feature to only the sink cabinet.

 Just enough detail for me.
 This entry is tough for me, I'm having trouble deciding how to finish. I was going to go with brick but when I priced it out it seemed a little pricier that I had thought it would be , which lead to to think is this really the right choice , or is there something better. I have come up with anything ....
 Its fine for now but this will not do well for a whole winter , so I have to get it straightened out before then.
I am thinking still the brick, or solid grey slate in a herringbone pattern , or a hex tile??? I'm taking my time. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not want big tiles.
 I don't believe that I showed you how I trimmed out the baking hutch area , it was a standard recessed kickplate so I brought it out to look more like a piece of furniture , I think it turned out well.
 Clean and simple.
 The other little task I have been working on is finishing off the baseboard quarter round , I completed it yesterday , just need to tape it all off and give it all a fresh coat of semi gloss.
Off to tackle some laundry , cleaning , lunches and more little projects. I really need to sand the wood floors in the upper hall and stain those and finish the spindles up there , ugh I don't really want to do those jobs, but I will. Hoping our new ceiling fan arrives today ??? Maybe, we'll see , have a great day.

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