Saturday, June 23, 2012

Graduation time

 Mason graduated grade 8 last Thursday , it was an exciting day. We went to the hair salon for an up-do and make-up. I think the dress we chose was perfection , she looked so beautiful. She is so grown up now.
 The hot hot weather turned nasty right as we were to leave for the ceremony, major thunder storm, so we didn't have a chance to take enough time for proper photos. It was so rushed. I didn't get the coming down the stairs shot I always thought I would, darn , I hate being rushed. Oh well.
 Her make-up was amazing, her skin is so pretty.
 The parent child dance was sweet , this is their very first dance, sniff sniff, it was so dark and crowded , it was difficult to get a good photo, I'm glad I at least got this photo of the occasion.
The ceremony was long , lots of awards were handed out. Mason received the visual arts award , amazing as well as an achievement award. We are very proud of our young adult. Her birthday is in a couple of days she will be 14 yrs , it is kind of freaking me out that she is 14 already , didn't I just have her.  
The ceremony went on and on and it was one of the hottest days , it felt like 100 with the humidex, so the non air conditioned gym was stifling. 

Mason found this neat hair on pinterest , it was a challenge for the negative nelly  hairdresser we had. OMG she was so annoying, the curls might fall out , your extensions are too wide the color is wrong , blah blah blah, after a second stylist saved the day and made a bow the style stayed in all night and the extensions were perfect. I wish the stylist was quite so negative, I had to bite my tongue. We thought it was so funny when a second stylist asked if the extensions were in and said how they matched so well, some people need to look on the bright side.

Onto enjoy the summer with the kids .

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