Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Morning glory

I have managed to find some curtain rods that I think suit our bedroom , ones that I like the style and color of and that were affordable considering I have 4 bedroom windows. I hung my Ikea linen look drapes after I washed them all and ironed them and hemmed them. Ironing drapes , that is a very time consuming project. 
I lucked out with how well the shades and drapes match they also match the creamy walls.
 I think I will be painting these side tables, the blue is pretty but too much. I am still searching for new lamps , these are too little with this big king sized bed. I am also still looking for a nice duvet cover , I don't have any idea of what I want , I will know when I see it .
I am so thrilled that the grouting is complete, we love the finished product. All I need to do to the kitchen is the kick plate/ baseboard detail. 
 I wanted to deal with this gap between the range and cabinets.
 I built a little filler.
Doesn't this look much better, it's the little details.

 I also needed to deal with this end , it needed some details and I wanted to add a nice base.

 Here is before .
 I finished off the stair trim.
Lots of little details still to tackle.

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