Friday, May 25, 2012

Kitchen island extension details and beginning backyard plans

I have had a few requests to go into further detail on how I extended our kitchen island. 
Well we started out with a very small island it was standard depth cabinets and three doors wide. I wanted it to house our microwave so I eventually came up with a plan to add an open cabinet to the end of the island. We need a microwave but I didn't want to see it. I made it the same width of the existing island and simply screwed the box to the end of the island. 

 I then wrapped this long "back" side with a sheet of plywood as well as the side facing the eating area. This allowed me enough material to attach the beadboard as well it added a little more size and stability to the island. I then added the shelve for the microwave.
 Then I trimmed and painted after adding two decorative stair posts to add more width for the counter over hang.

 We bought an island sized beech butcher block counter from Ikea for $269.00, what a great deal. We had to cut it down to size and sand the edges smooth and slightly curved. I stained it walnut and top coated it with flooring sealer. If its good enough for floors it should be good on a counter. We will never cut on this counter , cutting boards are always used.
 I hope that's enough information for you , if you are thinking of building or bettering an island. Building an island is pretty simple its just a box with doors and or drawers , its worth trying. This is the third one I have built.

I have been working on some backyard plans. I think this plan includes all the things we need. We have an unusual lot set up , but I think it provides and opportunity to be creative.
We should be getting our grass in the next two weeks or so I've been told. It will be so nice to have grass. The builder paved our driveway a couple of days ago , so things are moving forward. They will also give us one tree , the city will give us at least one tree hopefully two and there will be landscaping that the builder will also do. I don't know what kind of plants we will end up with , it will be a surprise. Some builders here don't pave or do landscaping , I am so glad our does. It is kind of like waiting for a surprise gift to arrive. Fencing will be on the top of the list for this year, and hopefully planting a couple of larger trees in the backyard. , we need a space for those two dogs to run and play.



LOVE your backyard plans!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

The island is fabulous and I love the plans for the backyard. Hugs, Marty

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

The backyard plans look fantastic (I have to say you draw a very professional looking plan). Is the sitting area lower or higher than the dining area? I noticed the decking changes directions, but I wasn't clear if the elevation changes. I love how you used every nook and cranny. I was just wondering why the double jog in the fence beside the driveway where the gate is?

frances said...

Hey you changed your name...nice one good fit for you I think ...
Everything is as usual coming along great and your backyard plan looks amazing.What is the time line for this this year or over a few years..Cheers and good luck Frances

Muddaritaville said...

Your island and kitchen is looking amazing!


Laurayne said...

Chris, LOVE your island makeover! I am a fellow Parkridgerwith a "stock" island that I need to enlarge since my kitchen and family room have recently become my kitchen and breakfast room! Just wondering...where did you get those fabulous legs on the island? Were they froma table or our favourite "HD"?

Just Beachy said...

I believe I got those legs at Lowe's actually. Extending the island is such a great idea. You can find lots of great options for counters , like mine butcher block sealed is a great choice , available at Ikea, adding the microwave to the island is also a great space saver and I would suggest adding a couple of plugs also.