Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty crystals

I just couldn't wait for good lighting , it has been a gloomy few days , and I wanted to show you my chandelier finally completed.

When looking to find a new chandelier I found myself forever drawn to lights with with crystals and beads , I was still looking for a one of kind fixture and not a big box mass produced over sold piece. I think I achieved my goal.

I headed over to Michaels Craft Store and picked out a box of simple clear cut beads as well as a few strands of aqua beads and crystals , I strung out strands using clear line and simply attached them by tying them onto the middle rod ring and then to each arm by the magnetic crystals I already had, so simple.


kristina said...

Its Beautiful! looks stunning and you sure achieved your goal with your bespoke crystal and bead chandelier,
Love Kristina x

Michelle said...
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Michelle @ citycottagevintagefinds said...

I meant to say I love it and that you did a awesome job as usual! : )

Maya said...

So pretty!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal