Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more makeovers

I have started another ambitious project yesterday , one I have been planning for a while, this is a great hutch and it is perfect for our big tv , I took the shelves out of it to accommodate the tv when we got it a couple of years ago , this is where we play Wii and watch movies . Although this cupboard is great , it was a hand me down from my in-laws , I knew it would always look great painted , and it does , but it still needed a little TLC where we took out those shelves , and I really wanted to give it a more modern and clean look , ridding it of it typical colonial features , curvy bits and cut outs , the base was also cracked , so I didn't feel too bad taking it down to its bare bones , I a giving it love , really!

So here we go , the plan is is to give it a fresh coat of black paint , I was inspired by an entertainment center that Tori Spelling has ,I will clad the side of the upper hutch with v-groove to square up the sides and hide the cut outs I do not favour , I will add a new baseboard in a straight design , I will likely rid the doors of those button wood details and fill them , I may clad them with v-groove and trim to update them a little more , I have already nearly completed the hutch , a few more pieces of wood and lots of black paint and it will be better than new.I am mad about this 2x coat of spray paint , it is amazing stuff .

Have you ever noticed I always cut my bedroom shots in half , well no more , my elliptical machine normally would be in the left hand side of shot, but since I have a house tour coming up soon , next month, I figured it would not make for a nice impression, so it moved more out of sight , hopefully to the basement soon , but this monster is HEAVY.

Much nicer to look at than the big grey machine I do not use enough .

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