Monday, October 18, 2010

How did I forget

How could I forget that I am going to a Steven and Chris Show taping tomorrow? I know but I really did , it must be because I have been living in the land of tonsillectomy recovery and acting as nurse to my daughter , trying to keep pain at bay can be a challenge, so when my friend Lisa reminded me this morning it was like being surprised all over again, I am so looking forward to it , it will be nice to get out of the house for a few hours or most of the day if I get my way.
See my world has been revolving around soft food recipes , which are hard to come by , Sophie received a nice bouquet from her Grandparents who live a couple of hours away , isn't it sweet , it made her smile ,which was priceless.

We have been spending lots of time here , I am letting Sophie sleep with me so I can keep her up on meds as needed , it is so sad she cries in the night , a lot , it seems like pain mixed with nightmares , and her sleep apnea is so much worse currently because of her swelling but I am told that will improve in a little while is so hard to see her stop breathing and then gasp over and over, momma and sophie need a full nights sleep some time soon.

I have been spending the rest of my time here in the great room and kitchen trying to convince Sophie to eat and drink, so far she is eating soup and lots of eggs and apple sauce mostly, she won't touch popsicles since the hospital , guess I over stocked then .
Must go on and finalize my outfit for the morning something slimming of course , real life adds the pounds , I am way more comfortable hiding behind this keyboard and being my grubby self most often covered in paint and sawdust , OMG I had a dream the other night we had a little blonde baby , ok first off that would never happen , and I kept finding brad nails in the baby's mouth , now there's a sign no more babies for this house...haha !
Looking forward to tomorrow Toronto here we come...

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