Wednesday, October 27, 2010

putting up walls and hiding clutter

We use our front parlour or living room nightly and this is my view , looking at coats and shoes has made me wonder over the years should I build a wall a partition , with a post , without a post , well as I often do I just went for it

I built us a wall , I even drywalled it , OK that is pretty simple stuff , but I did have to put it on my car roof to get it home , they cut a damaged sheet in half for me , made it much easier to move and it was barely damaged at all , and I was going to be adding lots of trim to this tiny wall anyway
I didn't want a skinny wall so I doubled up the studs to beef it up

I pushed on in a little marathon to get most of it complete before my husband got home , he saw the drywall in the driveway and became confused , thought I had damaged a wall or something..he's such a good sport , if the shoe was on the other foot I don't know if I would be so understanding , glad he likes my ideas if sometimes not in theory in reality and when executed.
I was able to get the bulk of the work done by last night.

I made one side a cubby , this will be my little space to hang my things nicely out of sight .
Lot's of finishing to do of course, it will look much better than this soon , most likely by the end of today , my only issue to decide is the post to do it or not ? right now I am thinking not because I have two posts on my staircase just steps away from the entry , I don't want it to posty in here ...I am going to trim this all out nicely and then I am sure I will know which way to go , so far the wall feels good to the space and is not in the way , we can still move furniture in and out when and if needed.

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