Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look what I did with my jug...

So yes I had plans to make a jug into a lamp , inspired by The Polished Pebble , her lamps are to die for as is her home that she has SOLD ! furnished none the less , that is one lucky home owner huh...anyway , I read that she pays $150.00 a jug , but hers do have crates which is cool , but I don't pay money like that for DIY project , but I sure am inspired by them. So I borrowed a glass ceramic drill bit from my dear friend and I started the process ,the very long long process of drilling a hole in the very thick glass. I figure it took about 2 hours of drilling , on and off , you can check with my neighbours .
I used a store bought make a lamp kit from Home Depot , that is all the info you will get from me I have no time sadly to go ito the details , it is easy and the packaging covers the directions pretty well , well in an Ikea picture directions kinda way , but I did it , I have light ....which is so gratifying

I used a threaded rod and joiners to make it the right size to fit , and I used a pipe cutter to trim the pipe , which was not fun , because it wants to just move up and down the treads so it took some back an forth effort but it worked.

Look how great it is , well I love it , so great and well worth the effort , and for about $60.00 I have a one of kind lamp I made myself .....lot less than $150.00 plus $80.00 for wiring ....thanks for the wonderful inspiration Polished Pebble .

I used left over black magnets as feet for the bottom , I just attached them with hot glue , this allows room for the cord, voila , I am going to keep my eye out for more cheap jugs ....

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