Friday, October 15, 2010

I dug up this old picture from 6 years back when Mason went through her tonsillectomy, I take full blame for my children's freakishly large tonsils, well now none of us have tonsils , sometimes they cause awful problems like infections which I got but my children luckily didn't , snoring which I had and Mason had, did you know snoring is not normal and worst of all sleep apnea which is when you stop breathing which leads to lack of sleep and can cause concentration problems and even behaviour problems , I had them removed finally at 16 which was not so fun , I actually remember getting off my gurney and trying to leave while waiting for my surgery , ha ha , I was drugged at the time ok. Sophie and Mason had theirs removed because of sleep apnea.

Just before we headed out to the local hospital I talked with Sophie about her surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids , I hoped to calm her nerves , she was concerned about pain , which is a very valid concern indeed, she seems pretty happy there doesn't she ? hair braided to keep it out of the way and so it doesn't get tangled.

Her surgery went well , it is such a quick procedure , 20 minutes in and out , her doc Dr Kassel who did Mason's surgery 6 years ago is so nice and very comforting, it was nice to have already had a good experience with him , but it was more nerve wracking because Sophie has penicillin allergy , which they normally give them to prevent infection , I didn't want any mistakes happening, there weren't any thankfully , they gave her a different drug and so far so good.
When they brought me to the recovery room I could hear her crying in the hall, a different cry than I had ever heard , an awful sound , and I couldn't get to her , physically yes but she wasn't all there yet , her eyes could not see me , I felt so helpless to her ,by they time we brought her up to her room , she got admitted because of her sleep apnea as a precaution, she could sort of hear us but she just slept , she had been through a lot , they had given her morphine in her drip and a shot in her arm , which also explains all the sleeping.

She woke up after an hour of good sleep and started eating popsicles and drinking lots of water , much more than was expected of her , the nurses were pleasantly surprised with her progress and co-operation , all seemed to be going so well , and then Todd left to go home to meet Mason and that's when the fun began , the barfing , I thought we were in the clear but 5 hours after surgery all that progress came right up , well it turns out she wasn't tolerating anesthesia it was all too much and she became very nauseous and couldn't keep her liquids down , but after they gave her a anti nausea through her drip she felt much better , you never know how someone will handle these things. Everything was fine after that , they were calling her the star , especially when we could hear a few other crying and fussing often through the day and night.

This was our lovely view , the leaves are so beautiful this time of year , that house is the Parkwood Mansion which was the home of the founder of General Motors Canada it is a beautiful estate .

We could even see the lake if only for a few minutes at sunset since it was a very cloudy day yesterday .

We are all glad to have this chapter behind us and now we enter the recovery chapter and I hope all goes well and I hope that we can manage Sophie's pain and get her all better in time for Halloween ....thanks for all the well wishes it means so much

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