Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend musings

I have decided that I need to get more organized , this started with a big basement cleaning this weekend, baskets will keep me organized , let's hope
I was so happy to put the door painting behind me

I love the polished look

Who would want to get out of this cozy bed ? Mason's sure doesn't want to , I whipped up a little zig zag pillow with the left over fabric from the drapes , the fabric is from Tonic Living

I have been wanting to make a jug into a lamp , I finally found one I loved, $20.00 , love the pattern on the glass , I think it will make a great lamp...let's hope , I have never made a lamp

I moved some chairs around, this second hand store find had been in Mason's room ,but this little vintage chair fit beautifully in Sophie's bedroom

A little fabric was all I needed to make this chair fit into Mason's room, this chair had been wasting away in the basement for the last year of so

I made this ruffly cake this weekend for my cousin's baby girl Julia who turned 1

along with these polka dot cupcakes
Fall has arrived , there is a real chill in the air , I will have to dig out some mittens for these early morning chills , I even turned on the heat in the house , summer is sadly over ......I will miss it
Another full week ahead, I need keep myself on track , Sophie has a pre-op appointment this week for her tonsillectomy , that makes me nervous , surgery for my baby , and I need to finish the bench I have been working on , I am at the painting stage , I want it to be perfect, lots of sanding and painting ....nothing better than a smooth finish , going to the Steven and Chris show this week which should be fun ....lots of emails to return , please be patient ....

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