Saturday, October 30, 2010

A mudroom evolves {before and after photos}

Here is a good before and after diagram , you can click on the image to make it easier to view if you have a small monitor like me...

I thought I should show you how our "mudroom" and I use the term loosely it is really our entry has evolved over the years , this is how it looked when I started this blog , the kids were small and the low hooks easily accommodated their size but they grew and so did the wall treatment to allow for longer coats and growing children. As you can see I removed the outdated checker patterned ceramic , that we chose , which seemed so cool way back when but which quickly became outdated.

I notice how icy everything seemed , adding earthy neutrals has really warmed this house up. I much prefer my simple bamboo blinds , I also feel the addition of the black interior doors adds a little polish and glamour and the newer slate floors are much easier to keep clean and add a rustic appeal .

Now that I have added this half wall this space feels complete and more useful and I am happy it doesn't infringe on the living space as much anymore , I imagine it will help keep drafty winds from chilling us in the living room in the upcoming winter months as well.

I think it looks like it has always been there , which makes me very happy , I didn't want it to look like an after thought.

Front door open view.

I am still on the look out for the perfect mat , still haven't found it , this one all though cute and wool and traditional , it is too busy , do you know of the perfect rug ?let me know , I do not want sisal or sea grass , we live in Canada we need a hard working yet attractive rug.

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