Friday, January 22, 2010

I have been working away on a few design consultations as well as a local re-design , the home owners are very motivated to make some great cosmetic improvements , so far they have added beadboard wainscot and moved three rooms around , they are in the midst of painting their oak cabinets white .
This is the cabinet I wanted them to buy to replace a very modern TV console , it is a piece I saw on Kijiji for a while now , I am in the midst of painting this piece white for a crisp updated look . Won't it look lovely under a wall mounted LCD , the big screen has to stay , I understand , I live in the real world , it will be gorgeous. Secretly I would love it for myself.

As well I have been helping my friend and neighbour with her kitchen , we have the same house layout , and she liked the idea of a kitchen island , so after thinking it through and building up courage , we are tackling it together , she is very handy , but building an island can be intimidating for any DIYer , no one wants an island to look "homemade" .

Do you remember this kitchen , the golden oak , she hated it , so many told her not to pain it , it would chip , some said ok but maybe white, I love my white painted cabinets , but she is not a white kitchen gal .
So how do you make a fearless choice on these kind of decisions? well you ask yourself ,
self ? " if money were no object , what kind of kitchen would you have?"
well it turned out she would have a dark espresso stained kitchen , it is her desired look , so she painted the cabinets a deep dark brown and added trim , completely changing the look of her nearly new but tired kitchen .
So what did the nay sayers say? well they love it , of course .

Well the Mexican styled pine table and chairs has lost that loving feeling , and my lovely friend desired an island with storage , storage she will get , three doors of closed cabinets and three shelves of open display. We even used the skirting of the table as supports for the cabinet building , ultimate recycling.
It will have a creamy glazed finish , as well as a butcher block counter top from IKEA.
We got to bring our her new tools , see she asked for tools for Christmas , a miter saw and nail gun , it was nice to break them in on what is turning out to be such an impressive piece.
She is still a little worried it is too big but I must assure her it is not , its just what this kitchen needed .
I will be sure to show you the afters.


Deb said...

Good stuff! Can't wait to see everything finished.

Kristy said...

I just love that you do all the wood working yourself. We have these tools at our house but I am not sure how to use them....I think it is time to learn.

Jenna said...

How exciting! It will be lovely finished. I love what she did to her cabinets!

Debbie said...

Her kitchen is looking great..the darker color really brought the back splash out too. Can't wait to see it all. Great job!

Low Tide High Style said...

I can't wait to see the tv cabinet painted white! And your friend did an amazing job on her kitchen cabinets. She will love that beautiful new island once it's completed!

Kat :)

housefinally said...

This looks so much like my kitchen you have to go and look! I also have the white appliances, dark cabs and ivory island, although I have the Ikea butcher block on the perimeter counters and granite on the island. I love it!!Check it Out:

MelsRosePlace said...

I think that is fabulous. I want to paint my kitchen too - its disgusting maroon laminate (what were the previous owners thinking). Have been thinking maybe a darker finish would be striking and more practical than the white. Hmmm now i am more confused than ever. Mel xxx

Jamie Thompson said...

I 110% LOVE the new color on the cabinets! It actually makes the room brighter! Good for her for being fearless enough to paint out those tired looking cabinets! I wish I could get my mother-in-law to paint would look so much better!