Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking for distractions

I have been eyeing these candle holders for a couple of months , I figured if they were still around on my last shopping outing that was a sign that they were meant for me to buy , especially since they were marked down 50% .... I love them so much, I got two , should have got three .
I also scored on this basket , with boxing day mark downs it was a mere $6.00 , it is so pretty , it is solely for the purpose of keeping the Wii remotes organized.

I also snagged this little round metal basket , it has come in handy for spare socks .

Just a pretty pile of pillows and blankets in happy colors.

Ewww , look at the photo I found here , the kids had put the dog up on the island , I guess I will go sterilize the island now !
thanks you for all the support and well wishes , I am feeling overwhelmed with stress , I normally can put on a good front , but this was her third heart attack in 6 years , and i am worried about my brother's health , as well as the health of his wife and unborn baby , it all just seems to pile up sometimes, I think this is what lead to the heart attack plus a few other stresses mom is dealing with , it just gets to be too much , how do you handle stress ?, I talk it out , its tough to let things go when you really care about your loved far I have tried hi-liting my hair , cleaning usually helps , some crying , maybe a little retail therapy is in order , I have NEVER done that before, I am looking for fuzzy tinkerbell pj pants , that's about it ....I'll be fine.

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