Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day dreaming

Doesn't this make you want to paint your kitchen black , gorgeous... I share with you Tori Spelling designs...

A bedroom so perfect she duplicated it again in her current home .


I have not kept it a secret that I love Tori and Dean , she not only has a successful reality series and marriage and is a mother of two , she is so hands on and balances her desire to be a home maker and a working woman , but she is also a talented interior designer , she is fearless and bold and I love her style.

This is her current kitchen , where she nearly daily cooks up some rich and delicious looking home cooked meals as well she makes home made baby food , I love this , I did it too , I loved making yummy baby food for my babies , it wasn't a chore but a joy . I am most crazy about this floor , it is to die for , a little out of reach for me since I have floors , but that light , I can have lights like that right ?

This version is $77.00 you read that correctly $77.00 , amazing , right? from RONA.ca

Then when the rest of my day dreaming dreams come true I will have a apron front sink installed with marble counters .

Oh wait not that one , THIS ONE , big huge fabulous , anyone want to take a gander at the price of this baby?

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