Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girls Only Island Project

This island building project has been an all girl event , with plenty of nay saying from a few doubting boys , that is so annoying to hear some individuals question , the position of the island , the size of the island , how can you not second guess yourself when people keep asking if "you " think its too big , men!
Trust me its just right , and its in just the right location , it is a great addition to this kitchen .
Lisa has done all the work on this island ,a tiny bit of help from me, this is a lot of work , don't let me miss lead you , it is a lot of detail work , lots of little touches to take a basic box and make it into a real thing of beauty.

Open shelving for pretty cook books and display pieces.

The added storage and organization , what a bonus. Lovely simple brackets to support the over hang.

A gorgeous slab of oak butcher block.

Beautiful applied mouldings on each end and stool area. The light needs to be moved over just slightly , its sad that is not a simple task.

The toughest part was trying to decide on a paint finish , to glaze or not to glaze, painted cabinets need occasional touch ups , I call them "touch up Tuesdays" now a all over glaze finish touch up would mean starting over , you can not touch up a glaze rubbed finish , so Lisa decided to keep the overall creamy white color and hi light the profile with just a touch of glaze , what a big job for Lisa , but she has done an amazing job on this island , I can't wait to show you it all completed , the doors and hardware installed , the drapes hung on the doors behind , it is going to look fabulous , and it will function so much better than a table with 4 chairs , this island provides , eating space , two new spacious cabinets for storage , three open shelves , and a large work surface , what a wonderful addition to this kitchen.

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