Monday, January 4, 2010

I sit here in my quiet house this morning , I am appreciating the peace , it has been nice to spend time with my girls but it comes with a cost , fighting , a lot of fighting between those girls , the hardest thing to deal with was the lack of access to the computer , I just gave into it , spent a lot of time cooking and baking and relaxing , but I am back now , I can check out all the blogs again . I wanted to add some depth to the living rooms lamps , I did this with three layers of paint , a soft brown a light grey and a deep grey, I dry brushed the paint until I got to the desired look then sanded it back a little to hi light the the details .That's was it for a full two weeks , not much creating going on.

I was given by my children this good looking toaster oven for Christmas, I really didn't want one since space is tight but how could I refuse it is a good looking oven and it has made things quicker and easier for sure.

Here is my second toaster I received for Christmas , see this is the one item I asked for and really wanted , it is a toaster that poaches an egg while you toast your english muffin , or whatever toast, see three of us love my homemade egg sandwiches , this toaster was just made for me.
So here is the story , I have wanted this for two years ever since I first saw it , I decided this year it would be a great Christmas gift for me , easy for the kids and husband to get,right? Well apparently this is out of stock most places , or rather the two places my family looked , they simply gave up .....they were quick to tell me this , which made me quite sad , after all I had my mind set on this toaster, the next morning I learned I was getting a toaster oven when I over heard my child say the words "toaster oven" see she didn't know they existed until this shopping trip with Daddy , she is not the girl to confide in .
So I asked if the had checked XYZ stores , well no, no and NO. Hmmm they didn't try too hard now did they . I don't ask for much , I do a lot and I mean a lot but I do not ask for much , I would not rest until I checked these stores , I dragged my oldest daughter with me , and when I entered store Z {a 1 minute drive from our home}well wasn't it right there , weren't there plenty of them , and $30.00 less than they were anywhere else I had seen them......needless to say they ran out and shamelessly pretended they did not get me this super duper toaster. Aren't they sweet , after being spoon fed.
It does not disappoint either , it makes a perfectly poached egg for my egg sandwiches , and don't worry I don't add the meat .

Have I ever shown you my quilt collection , we can not have enough and I mean we my husband loves these too , this is our blanket of choice , we have bed sized ones , stripes florals and solids , small throws as well which we used in the winter daily , we all love them , the doggies too , they wear really well , there are two more not pictured here , I remember seeing long ago a photo of an armoire full of these blankets it was beautiful.

Are you a quilt person , an afghan person or a snuggie gal , please tell me you are not a fuzzy animal headed blanket person , you know the ones they sell in flea markets and at gas stations, nooooo.

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