Thursday, January 7, 2010

Send Love to My MOM , please

This is my Mom , I knew she was feeling stress lately , we share these kinds of things with each other, I worry about her and her stress levels , it really catches up with her . See she has suffered a minor heart attack years ago , she then suffered a more serious heart attack 4 years back , things have been going well , she is happily married to a wonderful partner , we actually share the same wedding date.
Today I got the news she has again suffered another heart attack , I think after all the stresses catching up with her and the Christmas season and all the rich foods and drink a bad combination for my mom . I will be going to see her tonight , I wanted to let her rest today and get stabilized and get her pain under control , it is awful to see your mom in such pain .
Tomorrow she will have an angiogram to see if there is a blockage and get some answers as to the severity of this event , I hope that she will once again walk away without any damage.

I have started a Facebook group called Prayers for Hella {that is her name its German } if you feel drawn please feel free to drop on by and leave a comment or a wish for my Mom I know it would raise her spirits to know good thoughts or prayers are being sent her way.

I am wishing her favourable test results , smooth procedure and a speedy recovery.
Love and {{hug}} to my MOM XOXOXOXOXOX

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