Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I found season 3 of Flipping Out , see we don't get the US version of Bravo , we get the Canadian version it is missing shows like Flipping out , I love this show , I love jeff and all of his craziness , I am convinced he is the inner me , I of course can contain this but her just lets it all hang out , a true straight shooter , I don't think I could work for him but I love him , and Ryan , he is just pure sanity, and he is brilliant , I could work for or with him any day . But Zoila , I need me a Zoila , she is fabulous , isn't she ? I love her sense of humour and I think she is a real "doll" , my life would be so much easier with Zoila living here.
I have my PVR set and will enjoy seeing all the new episodes i have missed especially after watching a marathon this past weekend , can't get enough , so if you need me you may just find me curled up watching all my episodes of Tori and Dean and then Flipping Out , did you know Tori KNOWS Jeff "real" life.

I was watching a marathon of the Atlanta Housewives over the holidays and I coveted the island covered in beadboard that one of the ladies had in her home, and I always love beadboard kitchen islands and since our island was in need of some TLC , mostly painting , I thought it was the perfect time to spruce it up . Although I like the applied moulding look I will admit it does collect dust , and looks a little unsavoury over time especially with kids and dogs wearing things out over a short amount of time.
Since I had a package of v-groove in the garage I thought there was nothing standing in my way , I removed the moulding and started over by adding the v-groove paneling , I also plan to remove the rest of the moulding where the stools are and will also clad that in v-groove as well then I will give it all a fresh coat of paint , there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint , is there?

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