Thursday, January 14, 2010


I love butcher block , it is warm and lovely , a great inexpensive choice for counters and island .
IKEA is an amazing resource for butcher block , it comes in different wood species , and thickness as well as size.

Actually I have a huge slab of butcher block that I scooped up in the AS IS dept at Ikea for $50.00 it should have been $269.00 . This piece ended up making a lovely top for my work table , it was 1/2 an inch shorter in length than my current island, darn , or I would have changed the existing counter to the butcher block , I accepted defeat.

Until I recently measured again , and realized I gave up too easy , after all I am a DIYer I can take junk and make it lovely , I can make this work , I will add a piece of wood all the way around.
My largest motivator it that my pine top has little gaps between the boards , and being a house full of kids daily , normally that means 5 kids here eating snacks as the very least , SPILLS , spills that go on and on , through and through , all over the contents of my island .
Also I would really love to bake at the island , a solid surface would make this a possibility , I just need two strong hunky men to help me out .
Maybe tonight ?

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