Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sugar cookie icing recipe

So simple, it is royal icing, I separate eggs using only the whites , I use 3 eggs whites for about 2 cups of icing sugar(but I have never measured), I whip the eggs whites in my mixer and slowly add icing sugar until I get the right consistency than I add paste food coloring, actually I think the hand mixer is best for this job, and just one beater works better than two, I made this batch a bit thicker for outlining, and then added more egg whites and and icing sugar until it is a little runnier for filling in.
There is not a measurement for this its just by eye , and it is just by trial and error .
When you bag the lining consistency icing , I wet a paper towel and place it at the bottom of a tall glass , to keep the icing bag in so that it does not crust, very important tip, this icing dries very quickly and need to be moves constantly , damp paper towels are handy to prevent drying out, I line the cookie shape and wait 5-10 minutes before filling in the outline, I use a tooth pick to help the icing into the corners.

The cupcake recipe was simple , I bought crushed graham cracker crumbs , and added melted butter and sugar , to make a crust , added them to the papers and pressed down with a glass , baked 8 minutes at 350 , I then used a box mix of devil's food cake chocolate mix added a bit of crust mixture on top before baking , baked following directions and vanilla icing after they cooled ,marshmallow on top , easy easy.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog, you are just bursting with style and ideas and the actual talent to do it all! Thank you for the info on your yummy treats, I have just two questions - #1 where do you get those little cups you use for baking, can I get them (I live in the south, USA - can you hear my ya'll!) and #2 - what exactly is icing sugar?

Thank you for such great ideas, keep it up we all love ya'!


chriskauf said...

Powdered sugar is icing sugar, I suppose, thanks for stopping by , I find it hard to find those cups, I get them from a bulk wholesaler locally .

Anonymous said...

Another thank you from me too! Another quick question - is there a recipe on here somewhere for the vanilla cuppies and icing - I seem to recall you used Martha Stewarts recipe for something but can't find the discussion.