Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dining room update day 5

 I got started last Friday...I got the basic boxes completed so that I could get the flooring started on another day as I did not want to waste flooring under the built-in which was a good call because I was only left with 2.5 extra boards.
I made sure to frame out the wine cooler opening...

I was happy to pick up y wine cooler of choice on sale this past Monday
 I know it doesn't look like a lot but it will look lovely I'm sure.
 I adjusted the origional plan to have the center lowered, it was feeling a bit high , I think it looks interesting also, I think the liquer bottles will look great there in the middle.
 I started the floors Monday by framing out the built-in, I think it will add a nice detail.
 Here is how far I got was slow going but thins went well

 In case you want to try this layout this is how you start the corner of each run...pretty simple actually

 I could not have been more happy when I completed this install...until I realized I had cleaned up and then realized I had missed the part beside the built-in by the window...annoying, in total it took three days
I had a bit of left over material so I finally installed flooring in the closet...I thought the dining room was a tight space to work....

I am going to take tomorrow off to recuperate and take care of some personal business and to order some new chairs for the family room.....kinda excited for new chairs...thanks for stopping by....

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