Friday, October 10, 2014

It's official my part is complete, a built-in and fireplace makeover

 I thought a side by side photo was in just shows you you can make something not so pretty... pretty, there was no need to tear out all of what was there, the bones were good, this built-in was maybe not designed that well but it was build solidly so it was more than worth the investment of a re-vamp.
There was no saving the mantel hearth or surround so those were removed down to the bare bones but then re-built with better proportions and more classic details and design.

 we wer just two knobs short sadly...these things happen, other than that it is complete it just needs some paint and then styling, which takes time I really don't think you can rush aquiring the right accessories so there is no rush.
Those solid doors we had made at Marbel where I have had other doors made are the perfect finishing touch and will now allow lots of hidden storage and who doesn't need hidden storage.

I will do another update when the room is painted and put back together....thanks for stopping by today.

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