Thursday, October 2, 2014

A very special visit to Kleinfeld Canada and the Marilyn Denis Show

I wanted to share with you a very exciting experience my friend Lisa had this past Tuesday on the Marilyn Denis show. Lisa is the beautiful bride on the right between Marilyn Denis and Jessica Mulroney.
I nominated Lisa for a makeover a few weeks back just for fun...chances were I would never hear back from them...but it was worth a shot. When I was asked if Lisa would be game for a vow renewal makeover not only did I have to admit I wrote in but I braced for her response to the vow renewal. Lucky me she had been thinking about just that....
So we headed down to The Hudsn's Bay store in Toronto for Lisa and Craig to film some footage for the big episode.
Lisa is not one to seek out this type of attention and frankly it was way out of her comfort zone and I am so impressed she pushed herself to do what made her very uncomfortable.
Her discomfort of nerves really didn't show on camera to me, she did great.
So off  to Kleinfeld we went....let me just say Kleinfeld is breath taking and the dresses are to die for, any girls dream. I never had a real wedding dress experience as I bought my dress solo when I got married so I am not totally shocked both Lisa and I had tears in our eyes when we arrived...what a gift to be there at this stage of life to find a dream designer wedding gown....
Lisa rented her dress back when they got married so this was very special for her to get this re-do.

It was pretty exciting to say the least...
Check out the incredible Kleinfeld Canada here I know where I will be taking my daughters when the day comes for wedding gown shopping...Since I didn't have a special bridal experience I want to make sure both of my girls don't go without that special moment.
I am thinking perhaps I should be planning an vow renewal next.

 Don't forget accessories and shoes...

The decor was gorgeous too , the doors and floors were incredible...
There were so many dresses to drool over in every imaginable style and so many of them are pure art.
Jessica Mulroney was Lisa's personal bridal consultant for the day. Lisa sent her photos of what style of dress that appealed to her and she pulled some truly beautiful dresses.

Here's me just sitting there waiting to see the dresses on Lisa and wondering how did we get here?
Trying on the dresses begins...
This was the first dress Lisa tried on it is a Daniella Caprese, Blush and silver ball gown with Tulle and lace and the one she chose.
Trying on a mermaid style dress and doing a sit test , I am so glad kept this in the taped piece, it was too funny.
This woman rocks a wedding dress I tell you , if they had let me I would have tried some on myself.

It was clear to see this was the perfect dress.
This beautiful beaded dress with full tulle skirt which was my dream dress style way back in my 20's was head to head with the blush dress, I think I should get it for myself...
I want one could I not? These days most women marry twice, I think staying married should be a reason to do it all over again but to the same man....well actually no one is the same person 20 years later and if you still want to be married that is something definately worth celebrating.

I got up at 4:00 on Tuesday the live taping day and picked up Lisa at 5:35 am... Lisa her friend Christine and I drove into the city and arrived about 7:00am to Queen Street where we got a coffee and tea and a little breakfast at Starbucks before her 8:00 am call time. We showed up and signed in and were ushered off to wait behind the scenes of The Social...kinda cool since I watch this show a few times a week at least...we gotta get to a taping of that show too, show tapings are always a lot of fun.

Christine and I were eagerly awaiting the start of the BIG show. We both were feeling the stress Lisa was feeling just before rehersals, but she did a great job.
Lisa truly looked incredible all done up, she was the perfect blushing bride.

 It was an emotional experience for both brides that got their dream dresses and makeovers for the Marilyn Denis show, I have a huge thank you to The Marilyn Denis Show and all that they did for Lisa, not only did Kleinfeld give Lisa this beautiful gown but the Board of Tourism Los Cabos gave both brides a three night stay in Los Cabos...WOW, truly incredible. I couldn't have dreamed this good of a makeover for Lisa if I tried.
Please check out the episode here  and hear more of the story ...

Would you re-new your vows???

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