Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Built-in update part deux

Ovet the weekend something happened to the ceiling bye bye popcorn....and I didn't have to lift a finger how perfect.
Things have been moving forward slowly...but things are still happening.
Carpentry really can be tough on the body, lot's of lasting aches and pains after each day of working at a big project like this. I am wishing I had a hot tub right about now.
It's funny you can spend 4 straight hours at it and have completed what seems to be only a couple of small details, but there is no rushing detail jobs. 
You'll see I framed in the space about the unit to close in the gap, there is no need for the gap, it's just a dust collector. 

 When we built our bunkie a few years back before I closed in the walls with bead board I had the kids make a little time capsule, so I suggested the same for Ellen ( the lovely home owner )to do the same with her kids since she has a bundle, lol she has two girls and two boys (same as in my fam growing up), they thought it was fun too...I love time capsules, wouldn't it be great to find one in a reno?
The gap above the wall unit was just about 10 ft wide so I decided to close it in with MDF,most MDF comes only 8ft long and I didn't want a seam.... I found some MDF 121" long at a local mill and had them rip it down to the size I needed and then I sanded it down to the exact height to fit the space and after three of us lifting it into place and taking it out twice and recutting it length wise and gouging the walls on either side we got this beast of a piece in place. Wall damage can be repaired thankfully. 

 I had to use my multi tool to cut the angle into a clean square cut for the hearth...this kind of job takes time and patience and possibly a professional took 4 hours of cutting to be exact split up between two days.
Although it was a lot of work and totally a pain in my ...back it HAD to be done, it looks so much better now, I attached the sureply so that I can tile when it's time for that.

Next step is tacking the mantel, it's going to be simply gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

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