Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's well over journey to buying some new custom chairs

 Well you know how it is inevitable for the Purolator delivery to happen either right after you leave or within a 10 minute window of you returning home, for me this happens nearly every time...well it happened again , we ordered three new coats on sale  40% and didn't the delivery miss us again by 15 min ... when this happens we need to drive out to Pickering three cities away to the depot to pick up the order ourselves...this is a huge annoyance.This time on my way home I noticed a Sklar caught my eye for outlets are awesome usually.
I stopped in and took a look and was honestly shocked by the items available and by the prices....$799 for a beautiful sofa...sorry WHAT! there must be a catch.....I nearly on a whim bought the sofa above but in a slightly darker fabric...I came this close. But I thought you don't buy a custom sofa on a whim....
After thinking about it our family room sofa is not super comfy but I love the look of it and it is a pull out and it does have a maybe we should just get new foam cushions because the cushions are the problem really.
But we do need a new chair in a big bad way...
This is our 14 year old Ikea Ektorp chair...this is the 5th or 5th has a broken piece of wood in the arm , the back cushion is a makeshift mess I have put together and its big and bulky and not pretty to look at.Oh and FIY I slept in this chair when I was pregnant with my second baby, yup slept upright, that pregnancy was a tough one on my body.
 I was really loving this chair, it is possibly the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in, it rocked and swiveled...and although this fabric would have been my dream fabric oh about 5 years ago I am over this sheme so I seriously considered getting it in a plain fabric....
 I beyond loved everything about these swivel chairs, the frame the fabric and that swivel and $599 as is...but they didn't pass the hubby comfort test at all....this was visit two BTW I dragged  the other half along. These would have looked great.
On my third and final visit, solo this time, I was there to place an order...two chairs....two matching chairs because if we need to move these to another room or a different house at some point matching chairs makes sense. I saw this chair on my first and second visit and didn't give it much thought but this time I really loved it....its pretty , it would go with my family room sofa, it would look great with a plain sofa too...and it was beyond comfortable...and it is a great shape and since you walk into the room into the back of one of the chairs so a pretty shape in a simple fabric is a nice thing... so I figure , I hope I'm right becasue its not like I could preview it we will se in 9 weeks.
 This chair was $599 if ordered as is in the fabric shown on the floor model, it was a little more to be made in a differernt custom fabric just in case you were wondering sugg retail is well over $1100.
OH and we are getting two chairs because we can't just have one new chair for the room , I thought we each should enjoy a new chair.
 I was also mad about this fabric....
 But I played it safe and went with this fabric...its really nice, neutral and hard wearing and since we got the fabric insurance I think it will be a great choice. I had realized that my kids must be getting more careful because I haven't had to clean my slipcovers in quite some time....that's a good sign.

Speaking of chairs my hubby brought home this chair from his office, it is also a Sklar Peppler chair that my Mom had custom made for my Dad when I was around 12 if I can recall correctly , well that was 29 years ago and this chair is nearly as good as new, I mean the leather is aging but it looks great and has character but it is as solid as a rock.

So if you are in the GTA and in the market for a new chair or sofa I would give this place a look, it is in Ajax, Ontario.
this is NOT a spnsored post I am just sharing a great fiind.

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