Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Built-in update part three....almost complete

This is where I left the fireplace update is drool worthy I think... I would be happy to have this beauty in my house any day. 

 After strimming the oak and attaching the under layment with nearly 100 screws it was time to firgure out how to build a fireplace mantel...there is a first time for everything, how hard could it be...?
 Not hard at all really, I simply attached 2x3's to the face of the fireplace and attached MDF to that , that was it.
 I added some simple trim which echoes the wainscoting in the adjoining room and a bit of a base detail as well as a larger over hang and some additional trim at the top of the mantel.
 We kept the design very simple as per Ellen's request, of course we scoured Pinterest for hundreds of pics of amazing mantels first...the trend is definately paneled mantels that have a bit of a craftsman flavor but Ellen really was digging the simple designs and I think it was for sure the right decision.

Monday I installed the hearth tile which went really well and smoothly this area took 9 square feet of tile, I let this set for 24 hours before doing the area around the fire box. 

 This area took 6 sq feet of tile for the surround, I needed to cut 90% of these tiles which took 6.5 hours to complete....ugh! but the other tiling went so well, regardless it was so worth it to get this lovely look. I wasn't going to make this a two day install so I didn't leave until it was all installed.
 Today I showed up to grout...that went just pulls everything together so well

Just a little reminder of where we started.

Hopefully I will be able to show you the completed after very soon for tomorrow is my last day on the projects as I am competeing the bases with custom kick plate similar to the one in the photo below and the new doors will be installed.

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