Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marbel Doors

Recently I have been customizing and creating built ins. In the past I have created doors myself , but I have my limitations. I have known about Marbel for a few years now but have never used them for doors up until recently. The have turned out to be a great resource for a beautiful custom finish. 
I can go into Marbel and select the profile , the material and the edge and the miter. In about a week I can pick up the exact size door that I need .
I have been asked about my door resource by a few of my readers so I wanted to share with you this information in case you are in need of some doors yourself. 

 Here is my daughters room where I first used Marbel doors. I get them unfinished so that I can paint them to match my project perfectly.

I was at Marbel yesterday ordering more doors and I asked if they ship , well they do , they use Fedex so if you aren't in the Greater Toronto Area you too can have custom built doors at a very reasonable price.
You should check around your local area for a similar co that makes custom doors.

Did you know Candice Olsen has even used Marbel for doors on at least one of her projects for the show Candice tells all!!!! well you do now. Check out Marbel here 

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