Friday, October 4, 2013

Around the house

 Well fall has arrived and October has so far been so beautiful and warm , it's my kind of fall so far.
 I am really appreciating the colorful view out my kitchen window these days it is so pretty.
 I've done a little more decorating on the front porch. I dug out an old wreath I had in storage and added a couple of pumpkins , my favorite is always the white pumpkins and I switched out the cheap mailbox for a more charming mail basket , all we ever get in there are flyers anyway.
Next spring we will deal with the soil issue , I do see it.
 I never did show you the super cute mirrors I found a Homesense a while back, $16.99 each what a steal. We love mirrors.
 I did have a convex mirror above this little front hall cabinet but it worked better in the living room. I stumbled across this big chunky mirror a couple of weeks ago at Home Outfitters on clearance for $30 and even though I didn't think I had a place for it I couldn't walk away , it was a real steal. It did have some damage but all I did was take a sanding block to it to blend out the damage and make it look intentional. I could have restained the whole thing if I had wanted a more polished look. You can always fix up little dents and nicks so keep that in mind when you are scouring the clearance section. I mean the mirror was originally $90 so well worth the extra effort.
 I still have a lot of work to do in the living room like , wood floors , a rug, trim , crown moulding and of course paint, but until then I still want it to look pretty.
 This corner wall configuration has been hard for me to deal with.
 I wanted a wall of mirrors but that is so much easier said than done...

But I am happy to say I have finally come up with a pleasing solution.
I found a set of  5 mirrors at Lowe's and we had the convex mirror from way back and the C mirror I found on clearance for $22 at Homesense , I just thought it was cheeky so I got it, and I like the mix and dimension it adds.
The large mirror on the left was another clearance damaged mirror I picked up.
I also wanted lanterns and have been looking for quite a while without success until yesterday when I was at Target, oh how I LOVE Target. I found these perfect lanterns on sale for $16.99 I loved their simplicity and price of course.
I needed to figure out how to hang them. First I thought of hooks , maybe small outdoor hooks......but they were too big and the lanterns would have been too far off the wall. So while at Lowe's I looked for a solution and that lead me to the curtain aisle and didn't I see these pretty tie backs and lucky me they worked perfectly and in fact I love them so much better than hooks.
 I have used battery candles, love those too...the glow of candles without the worry.
Oh and one more great Target purchase to share... this framed metal feather . I had been trying to come up with something for this spot to the right of our front door and this was perfect and at $19.99 easy to go ahead with this purchase.

So there you have a little run down of what's going on around the house as far as decorating goes...the next big project I want to tackle is the family room floor before Christmas, I am sort of dreading the mess and hassle. Maybe I will tackle painting the living room first , I am thinking a rich grey....daring right and I know so on trend but I can not get enough of grey in this house. I am looking to create a cozy night time space.

I hope you are enjoying the fall and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking time out of your day to see what I am up to...xo

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