Friday, September 20, 2013

Busy week

 I have been steadily working away on a full wall of built-ins. Built-ins take a lot of work , so many hours of detail work and these are "simple" built-ins.
What an enormous amount of storage. In between the bookcases there will be a desk surface. These are the biggest built-ins to date for me, it's hard to know how long it will take for a project this big. There are always little road blocks , challenges and details to work out along the way.
 The weather has been beautiful this week so I have been trying to squeeze in a little more outdoor time before it turns to fall...

In case anyone wanted to know how the composite decking was attached to the concrete porch, this is what was done, pressure treated studs were drilled into the concrete and the composite boards were attached to the studs, voila charming front porch. I now love love love my front entrance , it is so warm and welcoming now.

I hope you enjoy a nice weekend doing whatever makes you happy, enjoy xo!

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