Sunday, April 11, 2010

The posts are up

It's begun , there is no turning back now , we have the posts up , this is such exciting news , the pergola is to be . My husband isn't as excited as I am about it , but you wait he will love it when it is all complete , he is just helping me out and following my lead , oh those 8"x8"x12' posts are heavy, in fact we now have a broken windshield because of them , darn...we didn't budget for that ...!
We are going to tackle this project a little at a time, aiming to be complete by June or sooner.
It is going to look amazing , so bold and architectural , right now they look sorta like totem poles, our poor new neighbors, what must they be thinking?
Remember the old top of my kitchen island made out of wide pine planks? well this will become our new outdoor dining table that will seat 6 , for long dinners and lots of wine to be enjoyed on warm summer nights. Doesn't that sound wonderful.

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