Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yummy healthy food and feeling strong

I swear to you these are the yummiest beans ever , I believe they are from the Suzanne Somersize book which is a great program by the way, you simply in a large fry pan saute tbsp or more , I like more of minced garlic in oil or butter , just for 20 seconds then add about 12 ounces of FRESH green beans , a little salt and pepper , and ground thyme about a tsp sprinkled over the beans , saute the beans for about 4-5 minutes, then add 1 cup of broth , veg , beef whatever you have or like , let this cook on medium or a little higher stirring occasionally until all the liquid is gone and the beans look somewhat toasty colored ,so yummy ,takes about 20-25 minutes
Here is my scrumptious dinner , see how large my veggie ratio is , the chicken has flax seed , so good , these are Presidents choice breast fillets , blue menu products , so far they are really great products , if you are in Canada too like me I recommend you too give them a try.
I know I am doing well when I picked up take out for the kids for dinner , and for only the kids , I was not tempted because this meal is so much better than a burger , that is a real test for a burger girl like me ....I am loving eating healthy whole foods , I must admit that I have always enjoyed healthy food and unhealthy food so its not like it a first for me but I need to make a real effort because I often don't feel like make a big complicated meal , its laziness really .
The weight is coming off , not that the scale is telling me that , seriously what is it with me and scales ? I know muscle weighs more than fat , and since I have been doing a lot of weights I know I am obviously gaining muscle , but the scale is just frustrating so I try to stay away , I feel great I can see some changes already , I am most happy to report in contrast to the scale trying on my clothing is how I know I am losing weight , clothes don't lie or trick you , they fit the way they fit , I am needing to wear a belt with my jeans that were snug snug a few weeks back . This is promising...

Here is my newest weapon a kettle bell , have you tried this type of weight ? So far my routine consists of burning 400-500 calories through cardio , elliptical or walking or yoga , and lots of varied weight training for my whole body , no lunges I do not do lunges they kill my knees , as well as abdominal work and lots of stretching , I think keeping flexible is a real key to feeling young or rather not feeling old , no one likes to feel old... I am feeling strong and well , now if only I could fast forward this little journey , why must it take so long....?
I'm off to go workout again , I like to spread it all out during the day , it is less a chore that way, bye for now.

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