Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sneak peek on the pergola

This is how you spend a successful sunny Saturday building a pergola in your back yard , you may have to try and convince your husband that all men like to tinker and putter around building things and doing the lawn , you will then later find out that your husband is not like all those other men but he hates , yes HATES that kind of stuff , wow we are sooo different , I love to improve and then move on and improve some more , I am by all definitions a DIY girl , my husband is not a DIY guy , hence all the solo effort that has lead to the home I now share with you here on the blog and we happily live in . I would be more than happy to complete all my projects solo , its tough to work with "some" people , but the fact is there are some things I can not do alone , like lugging 20 foot pieces of 2x 8's 10 feet up in the air , that is not a solo project at all . But I thought I would give you a little tease , well because its not finished , but we are one step closer to the finish line , enjoy the sneak peek , because today it is going to rain , let's hope more progress to come next weekend.
After about 5 hours cutting , sanding and staining and staining the 20 foot beams were ready to go up... I was so afraid a beam was going to fall on my head after it slipped out out of my husband grip , thankfully no such accident occurred.

Here is the fireplace back before:

After getting the beam up on the wall and the cross beams up I was able to make a dent in the shingle installations , looks like I will be heading to Lowe's for another bundle of shingles , these will be stained grey , it will look sooo nice...what do you think?

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