Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Design is in the details

I was able to find a beachy style light fixture for our back deck for $24.00 at Rona , I like the scale of this light much better than the before , it was cute with its gothic styling and seeded glass but it was not quite right .
Here we have the plain , ho hum square pillar that hold up the porch , we have three such pillars...nothing to write home about ...

I have always thought to paneling them , just adding some simple pieces , while at Home Depot yesterday getting stain for the fence , OH MY ACHING BACK this morning , I looked at some simple pine boards , these I was sure would be perfect to build up the posts.

What an improvement , and its not even painted yet...I am loving these little outdoor improvements , first year it was a picket fence , last year the grey shingles and window box , for this year the pergola , pillars and fireplace bumpout , I do a little each year , because for us design is in the details .

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