Friday, April 23, 2010

I had to share with you these adorable animal photos , they are my daughters selection , what's cuter than small baby animals ?
I am so happy to have my mojo back to complete some small projects outside especially because the weather has been wonderful , this year we are getting a real spring and apparently according to the farmers almanac this summer will be one of hot and sunny days which is more than fine with me .
Over the last three months I have been dealing with daily headaches , at first they came late at night , I tried to ignore them , but I did go to the doc about them , got some strong pain meds but I didn't like how they made me feel . So three months later well probably 4 now the headaches are earlier in the day and I have been experiencing extreme jaw and cheekbone pain , so strange , so I have started with some testing yesterday to rule out some things and I was given a prescription for pain meds with an anti inflammatory , but I was told not to lean back or lay down when taking these and to take them on a full stomach , scary instructions , luckily all went well when I took them yesterday and for the first time in months I was pain free , what a joy... I am looking forward to another day void of pain , I do not take it for granted anymore .

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