Monday, January 7, 2008

To do List 2008

This is my living room wall color inspiration. (florentine plaster CC-520 Benjamin Moore)
This is how I want Mason's bunk bed to turn out.

To do list 2008

  1. Take and make time for myself.

  2. Add exercise for the sake of both my health and figure.

  3. Eat better, much better.

  4. Use my Auto CAD program more , so that I don't lose the skill.

  5. Carve out a work space for me , that is inspiring.

  6. Reno powder room from the floor up.

  7. Paint the living room.

  8. Customize the master walk in closet with shelving and a really great color like teal??

  9. Finish trim work in Sophie's room.

  10. Paint and put together Mason's bunk bed when it arrives.

  11. Do something about the backyard?? deck?

  12. Spend more time dating my husband.

  13. Put into motion plans to launch decor business.

  14. Have more fun.

  15. Save up for a new stove and fridge.

  16. De clutter the basement.

That seems like a great big start.

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