Sunday, January 13, 2008

Top 10 projects from 2007

I am following along with Linda to list the top 10 projects I have completed this past year, first would have to be the tiling in the girls bathroom.

I would have to also say that the enormous task of spraying the dining room chairs two hades of white made a huge difference to me and adding this bench transformed my dining room into one of my favorite room.

Finally adding this planter box and the beadboard to the front window makes my home a little bit different from the others on the street.
Adding fun stripes to this formerly dark green cabinet makes me happy every time I enter that room.
Using this old door and transforming it into a very useful chalk board has been a great addition to the kitchen.

This has to be my favourite thing , my wood floors, installed and stained and distressed , they are just what I had wanted for this area, I am so glad I decided to take the risk and try something new, it paid off.
Finishing all the re-build of the door casings in the house was such a big upgrade to the houses over all appearance. I still have the bedrooms to transform , but that will come.
Building this custom hood cover to add a feature to the kitchen , that is one I am very happy I did, and was one of the quickest and easiest , not one problem occurred while building that .
Finding this shutter for a song and getting that up adds a bit of architecture that spot needed.
Putting in the hammock that I have always wanted was perhaps the most useful thing we did this year, I must thank my husband for digging the very deep holes by hand in the heat , it was a grueling job, I look forward to finding a new hammock for the upcoming season.

What will 2008 hold in store, painting , remodeling the powder room, more casing work, a deck, building a cabana???I hope, starting the basement framing ??? the master closet, yes that for sure , but I have lots of time to get these things done, of course I will keep you posted on my progress.

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