Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick upgrade

I apologize that these examples are so tiny, I couldn't get a larger example, but this look is what inspired me. I thought why not experiment with the things I already have , how can I transform a already nice chair, very easily it turned out. I hope that through my blog I have shown that it is fun to try things , not fear them , all I do is a learning experience, and mistakes happen along the way but those are opportunities.

I love this brown velvet chair it is comfy and curvy but not sloppy, but I have been noticing some great studded chairs, so why not fit this chair with some studs.

It is quite a transformation, a more masculine look, a strong look, I had planned to do a little around the feet, but it just took off , I liked it all over,so far I have used 178 studs, I need some more to finish the back and far side edges, but that will cost a mere $6.00 so it is quite an affordable update.

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