Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As the mother of more than one child , you very early on realize they are all individuals , for instance my eldest is a pack rat like no other, would I love it if she was a tidy girl, well of course, but I respect that she is creative, and finds the good in found objects, this has created a decor issue for me , because I have had trouble finding enough to contain her treasures, so I set off to build a shelf to contain some of the mess! , I bought simple pine shelving material and had the improvement center cut the pieces and I simply screwed it all together , applied some simple molding and attached it with brackets and voila loads of storage, I think I might make many more , I especially like how they don't take up floor space , why didn't I think of this before?

Total cost $35.00 can't beat that .
I added these studs to this simple shelf , I measured it all out , which is very not like me , but it paid off, 2 centimeters apart.
Here is clear proof, here are the contents of my dears jacket , I decided it needed a wash , wow, my other child's coat, I did not find even one item.

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