Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I found a new home for my salvaged brackets, the scale was very off in the previous location on either side of the stove, I like them much better where they are now. These walls will soon be changing to a soft grey brown.

I went off shopping with my oldest daughter to find bedding for her top bunk that will soon be arriving, of course I would have done fine on my own without her input, and had to argue why although cute frosty sheets were not the year round type of sheets we needed, but we did have fun looking. And after much discussion we both agreed that this coverlet was perfect , it has her green, and a periwinkle shade that will all look lovely in her room, the bottom coverlet is in a solid green I will pull it all together with co ordinating linens and throw pillows. I did not notice that this set I bought included the coverlet , pillow sham , AND a complete set of sheets, all for $36.00 so I picked up an extra set of sheets for all of $10.00 , we are ready set for bunk beds now.
The girls bathroom vanity has not been keeping me happy ,it was just too intense and colorful, so I made my self a glaze and gave them a quick rub down.
Homemade glaze , is one part paint, and one part varathane, I mixed a bit of grey paint and a bit of brown to get this color , all just left over .
Looks a little scary I know, and you must work quickly but it is easy enough.It's just paint. Rub off the excess until happy with the look with a damp rag.
Much better.

Really it is quite easy , choose a base coat, let it be a couple of weeks to cure, mix up some glaze and generously brush it all over the piece, and right when you get it quickly coated start wiping it off , no time to answer the phone, keep going rubbing it in until you like the result, if you want more repeat. That is really it. Use all latex paint.

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