Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, well I wish I could say this one was planned, of course I picked these knobs they were very planned. From octagon.
These were chosen first from, octagon , same room the kitchen.
I decided that I needed to purchase a new heftier curtain rod for my sliding door drapes, the paint was wearing off the rod and damaging the velvet drapes, as well it was a bit flimsy and the rings were falling apart on occassion , the rod was showing quite a bit of wear in the 5 years we have had it. I fell in love with this Levelor rod at Home Depot , and brought it home for a quick switch up, not realizing I was again repeating a design in my room, an octagon, the finials are very like old door knobs, I adore them , the look goes so well with the school house lights and it very sturdy. I love suprises like that , its like fate.
I have been using my new mixer , I made this delectable carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, here is the link to the recipe, it is full of healthy ingredients, like 4 carrots, and lemon zest, and golden raisins, I skip the nuts of course, I can't imagine a crunch being appropriate in the moist and lovely cake.

I have been adding lots of fruits and veggies as part of my new years changes, these are a daily treat, soy milk, banana and this one has frozen mango, sometimes berries. Yumm.

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