Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Total love for Target my Haul

 I know we all wanted to get Target here in Canada for a long time I know I sure did. I`m not one to take cross border shopping trips I shop locally call me old fashioned. 
I was pleasantly surprised when Target opened as there was so much to love. I have heard a lot of grumbling and complaining going around from my fellow Canadians that Target here is not like in the US, well we all knew it wouldn`t be exactly the same right. I suppose it all depends on what your looking for. Because I was looking for well priced design, decor and home items which is exactly what I found. From dishes to sheets to small furniture I found so much style and selection which is just what I was looking and hoping for. I thought I would share with you some of the great items I have picked up since Target opened. 
 I will start with my min bar in the dining room , this spot is new since I found this cute tray at Target I loved the wood handles and bronze finish.
 I am really excited to try out my new shaker for Christmas , isn`t it the cutest...I know I love it and $14
 I love kosher salt and I had my eye on this little salt cellar for a while , actually I had put it in my cart on a previous shopping trip but when I got home I was sad to find that is must have not made it out of the cart , but luckily I went back and made sure to bring it home for $3.49 well actually $2.09 is what it rang up as. That is something I just love about Target when you select an clearance item and at the cash it rings up even lower than you had expected. Target prices are great but the sales are amazing and the clearance items are superb.
 Another fabulous clearance score a ceramic rolling pin with a vintage design.

I had to special order two of these wall mount bottle openers for our kitchen back a couple of years ago , so I was pleased to see they had a bronze one with their seasonal bar ware I am going to gift that. 
 I went yesterday to see the selection of holiday gift wrapping and I found these adorable gift boxes for $2.00 I cleared them out.
 Adorable bags on sale for $1.00 these beat dollar stores bags any day.
 I know it`s not a good pic but a while back I spotted this cute feather art piece it was perfect for our entry just what I was looking for and only $19
And don`t forget about the perfect lanterns I found for my living room on sale...good things come to those who wait
And last but not least my long awaited duvet cover.

Well there you have it ...my Target haul It`s not hard to see why I love Target Canada....you will too if you give it a chance and if you don`t like the one near you it may be because of it`s location so check neighboring cities I promise you`ll thank me later.... so what are your favorite purchases from Target Canada.

This was and is not a sponsored post these are my experiences and opinions.


Squeak said...

I must admit, I don't understand why people consider Target such a big deal. I finally went into our new Target store here in Victoria and I was SO disappointed. It looks just like Walmart!

Pine Tree Home said...

We have a joke around here that no matter what you go into Target for, you always have items jumping into your cart! Enjoy.

A Diary of Decor and Fashion said...

From a fellow canadian, I agree Target is an exciting place to shop. I spend far to much time and money in there.

If interested follow along on my ig: aldadsantos


rednest said...

I happened to be a Target Canada lover as well. For all the same reasons as you! Having said that, I have picked up so many cute home accessories. From little ceramic creamer jars from 3.00 to a full bed size coverlet and pillow shams for 32.00! Not at all disappointed in the selection or the prices so far!

Jake said...

Pine Tree's right. I never leave Target empty handed. :D Their clearance rocks if you get there in time. Everyone is like you and keeping an eye out for the great finds. You said, Target Canada isn't like Target US. But! I love some of the stuff you pick up at your stores that we don't have here. I'd give my eye teeth to shop Target Canada. ;)j/k I think.


Laurayne said...

Okay, this is coming from and American transplant....I absolutely LOVE Target USA! Before moving to Canada 7 years ago people would ask me 2 questions and the answers were the same for both. What WAS I going to miss most about the USA and What DO I miss most about the USA? TARGET!!! Imagine how happy I was to see that we were getting Target in Canada! My first visit was to the Whitby store and the manager detected my accent and asked "So, what do you think?" With literal tears in my eyes I said "THIS IS JUST LIKE HOME TO ME!" The feel, the smell, the merchandise, even to some degree the prices! I am so happy! I am BEYOND happy to have my favourite store right down the street! And then add to it the fact that my 21 y/o daughter works for Target Canada makes the love even more sweet! I LOVE TARGET CANADA!! I love your bargains too!!

Chris Kauffman said...

Hey Laurayne ,
I am so glad you like it like I do. THe Whitby store was the first Canadian Target that I visited and it is my go to Target it has a great selection for sure.
Thanks for stopping by ,

Cynthia said...

I make the trip to Lindsay to go. Love it!!! Lots of cute retro Christmas ornaments too. I bought this cute blouse, 13.99, but up at the till, it rang up at 9.99!!! I wanted to go back and get one in every color. LOL


Patricia Goins said...

Here in Texas we refer to it as "the red dot boutique". Love, love, love me some Tarjay ;) Your scores are divine!

Laurayne said...

Chris, The Bowmanville store is now open too. I believe it's like the Whitby store! So now we can go either way, East or West and hit our "Target!" Can't wait to try it out!!

Jenna said...

I can't say I'm a Target Canada lover, but if it's as great as Target US, then I'm sure it's fab! And too funny that I also recently picked up that bronze tray AND the little salt cellar. Good stuff!