Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween wrap up

 So we had a fun and festive Halloween last night , I was happy to stay in out of the rain to hand out candy to all the little cuties. There was on little one that wanted to come right in and stay , she wasn't even 2 and I would have been more than happy to keep her but her mom didn't go for it.
We had a big helper to hold the candy bowl....everyone has a giant doll in their basement , right? no!
 I spray painted this wire stand to transform it into the perfect pumpkin stand, I tucked a few spiders and rats in then placed it on the porch.
 My daughter and her friend braved the elements to go see a local corn maze of horrors, but chickened out !
 This is Sophie my youngest, she dressed as Momma from some horror movie , she was so creepy , she stood behind me while I handed out candy and would scare the older kids and scream , it was quite fun creepy
While cleaning up this morning I noticed that the little glow in the dark eye ball pumpkins we tucked in the garden got a little creepier over night.... eww slugs.

That it for now another safe fun Halloween for 2013 , I hope you had a blast too.
What did you or your little ones dress up as , send me a link in the comments if you have a Halloween post.


Lady Jane said...

Glad you had a great Halloween. the pumpkin gave me the creeps... yuck....

Jake said...

No little ones here but my grandson in Atlanta was a lion. He's not quite 8-months so I guess he's was more a cub.
Gosh! The girl of yours gets more beautiful every time I see her in your post.
Now...I have to say daughter/Mama would have make me screech. She didn't happen to walk that backward walkie thing did she?
At first I thought the pumpkin creepies was a snake. eek-eek-eek!

Nope. No life sized dolls here but she's cute. :)

Jake's a Girl

The Gray Barn said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween with lots of great memories. Grandchildren had fun...grandson dressed up as a huge sports fan foam finger (painted for his school) and my granddaughter was a pretty unicorn. We passed out candy so mom and day could go out with the grandchildren. Like you we had a cute little one....she was almost 2 years old...a bumble bee who wished us Happy Halloween and have a good cute. I too thought your pumpkin had a snake in it....yuk!!! Jeni