Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Porch and entry makeover reveal

 I am so happy to share the reveal of the front porch and entry make over. It took longer than expected but it turned out so well who cares... MWG Landscape did a great job. I am pretty sure I am not the easiest client to work with I think I may be more picky than most. Issues would come up and I was glad I was here to talk with Marc to come up with the best solutions from his suggestions.

 This was our first outdoor project that we have hired out for. I think it went very well and I was so happy that I was able to sit back and watch it all unfold instead of me doing all the work like usual.
 I wanted the look of a wooden clad front porch without the maintenance of wood so we went with a composite material from Veranda in Arabica color. The white skirting is also a composite or PVC standard product found in the lumber section. The stone steps are Owen Sound stone I believe...
 Beautiful mitered corners.The pavers we went with were Unilock Copthorne in 3 color blend.
 What a lovely view from inside the front door. I am so glad I didn't go with the brick inside the house for the foyer.
 There was a last minute decision to no reattach the railings, our porch isn't very high so were are keeping it open.

Don't forget how far we've come with this transformation.
Just FYI this was not a sponsored project in any way.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

It looks fantastic. Did they put the composite boards on top of the existing cement platform or did it get removed? I love the herringbone pattern of the bricks.

vintage girl at heart said...

i love it.

Pine Tree Home said...

What a great job. I kept going back and forth between the pictures.


Beautiful, Chris. Your front door though, it's gotta go. It just doesn't do justice to the grandeur of the house.

You need a killer door. This one looks like a very basic utility door.


Jake said...

Love the soldier bricks around the herringbone design. Was surprised to see that you put wood over the concrete instead of stone or staining the concrete. I love it though!

Jake's a Girl

B said...

Love, Love, Love what you've done to the porch! I need to do the same things to mine, remove the railings, simplify the columns, cover the concrete and add a brick landing. You are SO clever!

Is the house color the same in the before picture as in the after? Maybe it's the seasonal light, but it looks different.

Do you mind sharing the paint colors of the shutters and house? I'm in the US and hoping I can find something similar.

Just Beachy said...

The siding is the same, it is just different lighting.
I'm glad you love it.
I don't know what the color on the shutters is, they are pvc and came that color,Sorry

Patricia Goins said...

I love it open without the railings. So pretty!!

Laura McCannell said...

Looks AMAZING! The before and afters are shocking! Shows what a great eye you have for design- didn't look bad to start with, but it looks incredible after!!!

LANA said...

The front entry porch looks fabulous! You certainly have good taste! Can't wait to see the built-ins!

Jane said...

I thought when using shutters that they are supposed to look as though they could cover the windows? These seem really narrow, is it the angle on the picture?

Just Beachy said...

Good catch Jane, they are 1.5" less wide than they should be.... what to do...? home design and decorating doesn't really have to be perfect to be perfectly nice I guess , thanks for your two cents...have a lovely day