Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Special thanks

 I have to do a little happy dance because everything in my kitchen is functional, as of today I have a kitchen sink and beautiful faucet. Thanks to Delta for generously donating this beautiful faucet to us for our kitchen.
I love it so much . We chose theVictorian style with single handle and pull down sprayer in chrome.
 And I should say a thanks to Durham Marble and Granite for making me the most beautiful counters , I am so very thrilled with them , they are gorgeous.
 It is so nice to have a big beautiful sink. I have to say a huge thanks to The Appliance Connection , they were here to help install the hood , gas range , fridge water line microwave electricity and island outlet and at the same time some much needed basement outlets and today they installed a single drain and the faucet which was in dozens of pieces , they are great to work with and they did a great job for a great price , I would recommend them highly and I would use them again and again . I asked them where they work , they said anywhere...for if you are in the GTA you may want to give these guys a call.

 Everything seems to look better on the new marble counter.

My husband and I spoke last night and we decided in order to create this area into what will look like a hutch and buffet more than kitchen cabinets we thought it best to continue with the bead board, so I tackled that today. This kitchen is in the final stretch. Tomorrow I will finish the last rows of tile and now I will sand a bunch of cabinet doors , boo.





Jake said...

I agree! Tis beautiful!

Jake said...

I agree! Tis beautiful and i'm so glad I get to sit here and watch it all happen. The new counters are to die for!

Thanks for taking the time out from all that hard work to let us see what's happening now.

Now if Google doesn't let me post this i'm going to find them and jump up and down on them until they are smushed.

Jake's a Girl

frances said...

Well done you Cheers Frances

Just Beachy said...

Hey Jake, its funny I get a ton of double comments , I think that lots of people have trouble posting comments , but I get them and sometimes twice, :)

Barb @ The Everyday Home (formerly Grits and Glamour) said...

Just beautiful! Love the marble.

okdoki said...

Im in the process of pulling together my new kitchen. I'm selecting a countertop and WISH I could afford marble. Currently, I'm looking at some Corrian that seriously looks like marble, but totaaly lacks the soft warmth that marble has. Anyway, love the sink and faucet, but I have one question, where is your switch for the garbage disposal? I only ask because I'm in disagrrement with my husband on weather it should be a wall switch or the push button on the counter type.
Your kitchen is totally beautiful, from the lights, to the color, to the MARBLE, to the trim details you've added. It totally looks like it could be in a magazine. Congrats

ellenhopes said...

it is looking so good!

Just Beachy said...

Okdoki, I found our marble was much much less than Corian !!! That switch is for the pot lights above the sink , we don't have a disposal at all .

sophia blue said...

We now are the proud owners of a utility sink once again. The most beneficial thing about the whole project was the cleanup, which I did not have to do within the downstairs bathroom sink.

Keep it Beautiful said...

love, love the faucet and marble. beautiful!!

Keep it Beautiful said...

love, love the faucet and marble. looks fantastic!

Jet Gray said...

Love your blog!
Do you order your Mrs. Meyers online or have you found it locally?


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